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Course material via "Timetable"

Lutz Poessneck, 13.03.2017

Dear students, dear lecturers,

please note that the course material is available via "timetable". This has the advantage that you may go directly to the folder containing the course material by left clicking on the date in the timetable. To see your timetable follow:

  • Students: "My Studies" / "Timetable"
  • Lecturers: "Teaching" / "Timetable"

Above the timetable you will find buttons that allow you to select "Day", "Week", "Month" and "Year", as well as "Forward" and "Back" (please see picture attached).

Lecturers also reach the course material via "Teaching" / "Courses/Attendance" / "Course material".

Thank you and with kind regards,

Lutz Pößneck

IT department