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Ulrike von Aswegen, 07.03.2018

Some 90 students joined the International Office and members of the iubh GReeTER team to receive important guidance and information related to studies in Germany and at iubh.

Students from all over the world were present including Australia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, the Lebanon, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Romania, Pakistan, Spain, Switzerland, the Ukraine, the United States, and Vietnam. Further students are going to arrive in the coming days and weeks as classes begin.

The iubh International Office also welcomed its 20 exchange students from international partner universities.

This semester’s exchange students have joined us from:

  • The University of Hong Kong, CHINA
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CHINA
  • Northern Arizona University, USA
  • University of Applied Sciences and Art Chur (HTW), SWITZERLAND
  • University of Information Technology and Management (UITM) Rzeszow, POLAND
  • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, FINLAND
  • The School of Hospitality Management Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT StPOL), SPAIN

After a busy day of getting to know one another, receiving guidance, meeting various iubh departments and doing important paperwork, all students were invited to the traditional International Office MeeT & GReeT to round things off with some refreshments in town.

We cannot thank enough our dedicated group of iubh GReeTERs who support us as international students continue to arrive in the coming weeks and will be making their applications for residence permits at the Foreigners Authorities.

We wish all arriving students an informative and entertaining orientation and an excellent start here at iubh!


The International Office