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New: The IUBH Blog

Lutz Poessneck, 11.12.2017

Good things come to those who wait: Now, you can visit our IUBH Blog under!

What is happening in our blog? On our blog, we present subjects about the IUBH, with up to date articles, or interviews concerning research, teaching and life as a student. Furthermore, we want to give you a deep insight into our university and attract businesses around Germany to work with us. Therefore, we introduce people who give our university the distinction it holds, with their daily work. This includes activities and progress in their everyday life as a student, a professor, an advisor, alumni or industry partner.

We want you! If you have something innovative, worth sharing or nice, or lovely, to report about the IUBH about your research, studies or work, then please take part in our blog!
You can either:

… send us your idea and we will take care of everything else, or
… we will contact you directly in case there are follow up questions concerning your field of knowledge, or
… you can write your own article and put it on the blog – with our help of course

Contact the blogs editorial department at

Tell your friends! Let us work together and make this blog as visible as possible. Please tell your colleagues, fellow students or friends about it and share fascinating posts on your social media channels.

We hope to see you on our blog!
IUBH Blog Team